Painting The Brick Siding On Your Home Gives It A Fresh Appearance

If you're tired of the brick siding on your house and want something that looks newer or that has a lighter color, you may want to consider painting the brick a different color. It's possible to stain or paint brick to make it look different, but there are some differences between painting brick and other types of siding. For the best results, consider hiring professional house painters to do the job. Here are some things to know about painting brick inside or outside of your home.

Make Repairs First

Repairs should be made to all damaged bricks if it's needed so that the painters won't cover over moisture problems and make them worse. This will probably require work by a mason, and if new bricks or mortar are put in, you'll want to find out how long you have to wait until they can be painted.

Clean The Bricks

Bricks also have to be cleaned so the new paint adheres well. This type of prep work is necessary for painting any kind of siding. The house painters will use products that remove algae and other stains so that the bricks are as clean as possible. Then the bricks have to be allowed to dry thoroughly before painting begins.

Choose The Right Paints

Choose the paint carefully because it can be difficult to impossible to remove paint from bricks. You can always cover the bricks with a different color, but you may never be able to go back to the original brick appearance. Also, the right type of paint has to be chosen. The painters will use paint made for use on bricks or that has qualities suitable for covering brick. High-quality paint is a worthwhile investment, so it will last as long as possible.

Apply The Paint

Decide if you want the grout painted or not. If the painters are working on an interior wall or large fireplace, you might want the bricks painted but not the grout. In that case, painter's tape can be applied to all of the grout lines before the bricks are painted. Then, the painters can cover the bricks with paint using a roller or brush. For exterior walls, the house painters may use a paint sprayer.

Painting brick will transform its appearance. Going from a dark red color to white or light tan makes a big difference in the appearance of your house, and a good thing about paint is that you can choose any color you like. You might need to have new paint applied to brick more often than you would other types of siding, but that is a small price to pay for a fresh new look for your home. 

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