How To Get A Professional Look When Painting A Commercial Space

When painting your home, if you screw up a little, the only people who will see it and notice it are your family members and any guests you have over. When you're painting a commercial space, however, the stakes are a bit higher. If you make a mistake or the results are any less than professional, it will reflect poorly on your business and may turn off some of your clients. As such, it is usually best to hire professionals to paint your commercial space. But if you cannot manage to do so, at least follow these tips to help ensure nearly professional results.

Remove fixtures, hardware, and more.

It might be easiest to just paint around any doorknobs, light fixtures, and other items that are attached to the walls and doors. But it's really hard to do this perfectly. You are likely to end up with at least a little paint on the fixtures and hardware. So, it's better to take the time to remove the hardware and fixtures before you start painting. Put them in individual plastic bags with their screws and other attachments so you remember what goes where.

Use a really good primer.

Do not skimp on primer. Even though it goes under the paint, you need to buy a high-quality product. Good primer bonds to the paint to help keep it from peeling off, which is really important in commercial spaces where the walls get more use and abuse. Primer also helps even out the walls, which is helpful in older commercial spaces where the walls might have little dings and dips. Also let your primer dry completely for a day or more before applying paint. Letting it dry to the touch is not good enough.

Cut in, and then roll.

When it comes time to apply the actual paint, use a brush to paint the corners and places where walls meet. This is called "cutting in." Then, use a paint roller to paint the wide, open spaces between these cut-in areas. This technique ensures even coverage and helps make sure you don't leave any brush strokes that might be more apparent under bright, fluorescent lights used in commercial spaces.

Buy paint extender.

When you are painting a big commercial space, you want to make sure your paint does not dry too quickly. This gives you more time to work with the paint before it dries. You can either buy paint with an extender already mixed in, or you can have an extender added to your paint when you have it colored. Extender just extends the time it takes paint to dry.

Talk to commercial painting contractors to learn more tips.